Our son had difficulty latching at birth. This resulted in extremely painful feedings, with mastitis and a milk blister in my right breast. While I had some help in the hospital with the staff lactation consultants, I felt at a loss when I returned home. This is when Tazneem swooped in to save the day, truly. She FaceTimed with me and my son: She watched our feeding sessions, and instructed us on positioning and a better latch. She was a huge comfort, and her compassion and advice has continued throughout my nursing experience. I wouldn't have believed it... but I'm still nursing nearly eight months in - and it is an unparalleled joy! Thank you, Taz!!!  - D. Gibson


As you are aware I was quite discouraged when I reached out to you and thought that I was not going to ever be able to breast feed my daughter. It was ~2 years ago that you came to my home to teach me how to nurse my first born. You had such a calming presence and you were incredibly knowledgeable. During the time we spend together, you supported me by modeling the process and you gave me valuable suggestions to make me and my baby more comfortable. You even provided us with resources that were so helpful. I still have the wrap sling and feeding support pillow—thank you! Overall, as a result of your expertise and wisdom, my baby and I felt relaxed and confident in the midst of all my fears and concerns. You are truly an amazing person who became a dear friend. I commend you on your efforts in helping my daughter learn how to eat while also helping me bond with her. I will never forget your kindness and I share my story with every nursing mom I know. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are an inspirational teacher…The saying I stumbled upon reminds me of you. “Successful breastfeeding takes courage, resilience, and support…” and again, I thank you for all the support and guidance! Your friend, -Elise Marie


When looking for a perinatal support person one has to take several things into account.  New families are looking for educated, confident individuals who will get them through the birth experience and beyond armed with knowledge, confidence, and autonomy.  Working side by side with Taz as a nurse for years in the field gives me the full confidence to write this and to let the public know that she has found her calling in the area of perinatal support. She has a passion for teaching, empowering, and instilling confidence in new families as they welcome their newborn into the world. Taz encompasses all the qualities mentioned above and possesses the passion and drive to enable others to have the best experience anyone can ask for. - Dawn A., RNC-MNN (maternal newborn certified nurse)

Toda madre suena amamantar a sus hijos, verdad? Pero, no fue mi caso ni para el primero tampoco el segundo, lo que me frustró muchísimo. Igual les di lo poco que producía hasta los seis meses. Cuando me quede embarazada de mi tercer hijo, me propuse hacer lo que fuera para poder amamantar al 100%, pero la pesadilla que más temía volvió a aparecer. Por supuesto, en la maternidad si el bebé no recuperó su peso perdido antes que te den de alta hay que empezar a dar fórmulas. En mi angustia me acordé que Taz había dado su página web a mi marido, no perdí más tiempo la llame. Jamás pensé que iba a conocer a una gran mujer! Ella no es un aconsejara en lactancia más bien la lactancia es su pasión, su apoyo moral para mi fue de gran ayuda. Lo que más me gustó es que ella no te mete la presión, tal como me lo hicieron cuando tuve a mi primer hijo. Gracias a ti hoy sigo dando lo más que puedo a mi hijo antes y después del trabajo. Fuiste la magia! Recuperé la confianza perdida, y dejar que bebé reciba su teta a libre disposición el tiempo que quiera por supuesto haciendo oídos sordos a los comentarios tópicos de la familia. Mil gracias a ti por todo, es priceless lo que hiciste por mi. -Nancy, mamá de tres niños.