Here are some transitions through which I can help you and your family.


My birth services include basic childbirth education (vaginal and cesarean), help developing your birth "wish list", baby feeding education (breastfeeding, chest feeding, pumping and formula feeding), companionship throughout labor and birth, and a postpartum well visit.  


The postpartum period can be exhausting and stressful for families.  I can come to your home (during the day or overnight) and help with everyday tasks, teach basic breastfeeding and neonatal care that some new parents find overwhelming, such as bathing a newborn.  I can help you establish your confidence as parents while you settle into new family routines.


The loss of a wanted or an unwanted pregnancy is an extremely difficult time.  Let me accompany you to visits, and hold space with you. If you are experiencing a later pregnancy loss, I can accompany you throughout your induction and afterwards.

elective termination (abortion)

My services for elective termination are free; I only ask that you reimburse my transportation costs.  Every person deserves loving, nonjudgmental companionship and support through this experience.  Don't hesitate to contact me!

PALLIATIVE and end of life

It is overwhelming and exhausting to have a family member who is near the end of life.  Allow me to help you bear this burden.  I can assist with everyday tasks, accompany your loved one to appointments or other engagements.  I can spend loving time with your family member when you are unable.